Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have been in Bolivia for a week now, and each day it seems like something happens that I want to remember. I go home and write it in my journal but would also like to share some of these thoughts and experiences with the many family and friends that helped me get here.

As a quick introduction, I am starting my year in Cochabamba with six weeks at the Maryknoll Language Institute. I live with a host family. My mom´s name is Ana Maria la Fuente (more often called Anita) and her two daughters are Cecilia (20) and Daniella (19). Next to our house is the house were Anita´s mother, brother, and niece live. We also have two dogs named Gordo and Bianca, they look like living mops.


  1. I am so proud of you, Jenna. Even though you have only been in Bolivia a short time, your spirit and love have touched all that you have met.

    Your essence resides with us here in the states, and we keep you with us in our hearts always. Love, Bethy Bye

  2. I love your entries Jenna! Thanks for sharing! I hope you continue to love your stay.

    I tried to mail you a letter before you left, but i didn't have your address at home. So i'll either send it to you where you are now, or i'll email you more. :)

    I miss your wonderful smile and sweet personality! You are a special friend. Keep in touch.

  3. hola jenna,

    me gusta mucho tu blog. san francisco es me preferido santo. en mexico vivi en san francisco tepeyecac. me gusta como oras, muy positiva. espero que estos perros te quierran mucho.
    un abrazo, anna